points and only points


The notebooks multiply points using different types of brushes, papers, inks, speeds, and moods of application.  They began as sketches of stone walls; the stones became points, and the points became a kind of shorthand calligraphy.  For a while I recorded my days in this manner, as one keeps a diary.  This developed further when I lived in Hong Kong, where I used Chinese brushes and absorbent paper.  The paper registered pressure and duration, the weight of the hand and how long the brush touched the paper.  I was thus able to play with the rhythm and size of dots.  Always I tried to capture the elemental quality of points and only points.

A point is the minimum unit of form.  It hovers on the edge of being, zero-dimensional, more than nothing but less than something.  Two point produce a line and a sequence, implying time, event, narrative.  Three points create a surface and a horizon, thus location, orientation, alignment.  Four or more points produce space and place, and all else.