kieku, kaiku and kukko


Finnish Association of Illustrators 2013 award exhibition 

Three display panels for the Finnish Association of Illustrators (Kuvittajat ry) 2013 Illustration awards, located the fabulous west hall of Eliel Saarinen’s Helsinki Train Station.  The combination of small budget and large space required a straightforward focus on two architectural essentials: placement and scale.  The solution consisted of a long wall placed along the center axis to complement the flow of pedestrians, and two narrower cross walls to support it.  One of the cross walls was placed in such a  way as to form a gate.  The overall form aligned with the four axes of the four entrances.

The three walls (6 sides) provided the required six panel surfaces of the program: one surface for each of the four awards (lifetime, school books, editorial, and newcomer) and one surface each for award and Kuvittajat information.

The colorful logo of Kuvittajat, a large exclamation point, was placed prominently along the narrow ends of the walls in such a way as to greet people entering the hall from any of it four entrances.

The components of the walls were assembled from a modular system consisting of printed panels magnetically hung to a metal frame. The lights were standard clip-on Ikea lights.  The display was up for three weeks.  Tens of thousands passed by it, and through it.


rail view 4

rail view 1kuvit view 2 modelrail view 5 copy 

4 b